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The John Buchan Journal

The John Buchan Journal is published by the John Buchan Society as an organ mixing scholarly articles with lighter observations and comment, and has been running for over 30 years.

The editor of the Journal, Michael Redley, would welcome contributions whether critical, biographical, or of an otherwise diverting character, devoted to the life and works of the great man. You can use our contact form for this.

Contributors are a mix of Buchan enthusiasts (the Society has nearly 500 members worldwide), academics working in, among others, history, film, literature and philosophy, practitioners from other fields, and specialists in areas through which Buchan roamed freely. Recent examples of cross-over articles have dealt with ornithology, angling, mountaineering and economics. Articles in any relevant field are welcome.

The Editor welcomes articles and personal reflections on, or memories of, John Buchan, his life and work. Where possible articles should be e-mailed to the editor. The Editor reserves full right to edit, abbreviate, and if necessary have refereed all material submitted to the Journal for publication. The Editor's decision is final.

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