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No 36 / Spring 2007


The Greenmantle issue

Feeling like Richard Hannay, by Janet Morgan; resume of her speech on her book The Secrets of Rue St Roch: Intelligence operations behind enemy lines in the First World War, given to the John Buchan Society at the annual dinner in 2006

Greenmantle in its time, by Simon Glassock; survey of contemporary newspaper accounts of the events around and behind Greenmantle

Manipulating Muslims in John Buchan’s Greenmantle and A J Quinnell’s The Mahdi: a pattern of inconsistency, by Ahmed Khalid al-Rawi; assessment of ‘anti-Islamic’ thrillers from the Muslim point of view

Hannays in Galloway, by Antony B Hope; local genealogy

The Greenmantle letters, by Kate Macdonald; the thrilling story behind Greenmantle: the musical (nearly)

Once again for Sandy, by Nicholas Rankin: book review of Frederick Forsyth’s new novel The Afghan

Notes and Queries

Tweedsmuir and the Poles (military camp in Surrey); A better voice for Buchan (listen to The Sir Walter Scott Club link to JB’s recorded voice,; Last gifts (Lady Tweedsmuir’s gifts to the last surgeon to operate on Buchan); Russian relations (was ‘Taghati’ a figment of JB’s imagination?); Article on JB in the Journal of Colonialism and Colonial History, by Adrian Wisnicki; Buchan bacon (anecdote from Elsfield days); Blessed are the Peacemakers (rare JB book find); The Island called Lone (where is it?); The age of the coach (did JB actually like writing about this period?); More on dislimning (that word again); Greenmantle N & Q (recent sightings in recent periodicals).

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