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No 35 / Autumn 2006


The State in Society (1939), by Lord Tweedsmuir; speech by Lord Tweedsmuir on society as we know it

John Buchan, Calvinism, Bunyan and the classics, by James C. G. Greig; talk given on Calvinism in Buchanís background and how it affected his life

Fictionís enigma innovations: the art of the thriller, by John Haldane: why Dan Brown just isnít as good as Buchan

A short walk in Glasgow, by H E Taylor; essential reading for tracing Hannayís wartime trip to Glasgow in Mr Standfast

A Ďmurky and distorted geniusí: John Buchan on Cecil Rhodes, 1901-1940, by Peter Henshaw; analysis of Buchanís biographical portraits of Rhodes

John Buchan: conservative politician, by Andrew Lownie; summing-up of Buchan as a politician

John Buchanís favourite landscape, by Sylvia Jones; tracking the history of Llandovery, Wales

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